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SherylFrankfort, IL

This detergent is wonderful!!! My cloth diapers have never ever been so clean. The most amazing thing is there is no more ammonia smell on my diapers anymore!My pail doesn't even stink and I no longer have to plug my nose just to transfer my diapers from the pail to the washing machine. We have been using this detergent for about 3 months now and have no issues at all! Sandalwood Vanilla is my favorite scent!

Evie B.Chula Vista, California

" Love, Love, Love Eco Sprout!!! It worked so great on my cloth diapers and the scent is wonderful! It washes out but leaves a light clean scent and leaves my laundry room smelling so great too! I'm telling everyone about it!

Annette R.Chicago, IL

I have been using Eco Sprout for over a month now and we really like it...We were stripping our diapers a couple times a week. Once we started using Eco Sprout, I have not had to strip them anymore. Read my review at

Cheryl K.New Lenox, IL

Eco Sprout is fantastic... I was using Charlie Soap for over 2 years.. and no more... Eco Sprout makes my laundry room smell great, washes my diapers clean, no stink.. not in my pail or on my diapers.. My son would get rashes often, very sensitive skin... we have had NO ISSUES with Eco Sprout! I love it!!! I highly recommend making a purchase!!

Katie S.

Eco Sprout sent me two samples to try. Warm Vanilla Sugar, and Sandalwood Vanilla. They are both amazing. I think I spent about 3 whole minutes just sniffing each one! I washed a load of diapers in Eco Sprout, and they came out VERY fresh smelling! I am a "sniffer" I HAVE to smell everything that comes out of my washer and dryer! Some...times I take clean, wet diapers out of the washer and they still have a bit of stink to them. After a warm soak, a warm normal wash with Eco Sprout and a warm rinse - our diapers smelled brand new! My second test on new detergents is always our towels! They always seem to get a little...funky! *Someone* in this house always manages to ball up our dishcloths at the bottom of the sink under dirty dishes (Mr Dibs)...and they get...stinky. I used Eco Sprout on them, and they came out not stinky!

Lulu D.Chicago, IL

absolutely great! leaves diapers squeaky clean and smelling fresh !! absolutely love it

Amy K.Orland Park, IL

Love the product... we do not have a washer/dryer at home so we soak our diapers in a tub with 1 tablespoon of eco sprout and wash them 2x a week on wed and sun at the laundry mat and have not had a problem with amnoia smell anymore.....♥♥♥♥..

Lauren L. Chicago, IL

I got a sample of Eco Sprout from my local CD store. After we started using it within 2 days I notice that there was no diaper pail smell. I used to hold my breath when I poured the diapers into the machine, but not anymore. Is it magic? I then went back and got a large bag of the Seasonal scent Cinnamon Stick, yummy!

Cassie W.

I Got My Sample From A Local CD Store and from Forward Thinking and I'm Loving It!!!!! It Smells so AMAZING!!! Plus My Son Has Sensitive Skin which I can Use This and He Has no more Break Outs:)

Amanda O.Phoenix, AZ

I was extremely surprised to open my cloth of the month club bag and smell something so wonderful! I could not stop smelling the bag! I honestly have never smelled any detergent so wonderful! I received the sample size bag with my diaper in Lavender and Chamomile. I have tried everything, RnG, Clean B, you name it and NOTHING and i mean NOTHING works as well as this nor smells as Awesome as this! I will never order Anything else again!! AWESOME!

Teresa H.Romeoville, IL

I have been using Eco Sprout now for about a month and my husband has converted to Eco Sprout for everything now.. I love the different scents and that my diaper pail does not smell anymore.

Daniela P.Chicago, IL

I received a sample from Eco Sprout and the scent is amazing. I love it! I used it on my diapers and I don't think they have ever been that clean. As soon as I run out of my old detergent I will be buying Eco Sprout.

Collette H.Mokena, IL

Just got the Warm Vanilla Sugar and it smells so sweet just like baby should be! I did the soak to get all the build up out of my diapers from the old detergent and will never go back to ANYTHING else!

Tracy D.Chicago, IL

Loved the sample I got. Took the ammonia issue right out! Yippee

Amy B.Solana Beach, California

Loved my sample too! I'm needing more now, a healthy addiction!

Bethany F.

I got some used AIOs that were beyond stinky as soon as they got wet. Those microfiber inserts, ugh! We're talking eye-watering. I was having some major buyers remorse but then heard about the Eco Sprout over at Cutie Poops and Bottoms. Ordered some and I did an overnight soak in Eco Sprout. Last night was our first overnight test run with the AIOs and inserts. This morning there is NO stink. The ammonia is GONE! I had ordered the Lavender Chamomile and it smelled FABULOUS. Totally clean and fresh smelling without being overpowering. Hubby was laughing at me as I was sniffing the air above the soaking water over and over again. :) GREAT product.

Allie T.DeKalb, IL

" This stuff is awesome. We ALWAYS have stink. My children have the worst ammonia pee in the world. I used this and was skeptical even after all the great reviews! They washed it all it! Left a hint of a scent without over doing it and got my diapers nice and clean! Also it did wonders for my daughters skin. She is sensitive and we were still able to use the scented detergent!

Angie K.

From: Queenofthesnotprincesses blog review: "First thing I noticed was the scent! So pleasant. Just having the bag sit on the shelf gave my laundry room a great aroma. It definitely made dumping those dirty diapers into the washer a slightly more tolerable experience!" " I also used the detergent on my regular clothes using both a warm and cold wash. The clothes came out clean and had no underlying scent or odor. One thing I especially noticed was that with my regular laundry soap, the undershirts would sometimes hold their odor even after a wash. This was NOT the case with Eco Sprout. It worked GREAT!"

Kristin W.Sacramento, CA

Eco Sprout is incredible! Make sure you do the first wash/stripping as suggested and then the more you use it the better it works! It is so great! My diapers and inserts actually become more soft each time I wash them - it is amazing :)

Erin V.Wichita, KS

My diapes have been stripped, and washed for almost a week now! Love it!! My favorite scent is the Sandalwood Vanilla! Mmmmm smells so good! I even had my husband smelling the samples!

Green & Frugal Mama Review

From Green & Frugal Mama Review: "This is a great detergent, not only for use with cloth diapers, but for anyone with sensitive skin, or who is looking for an eco-friendly detergent. But if you are battling ammonia stink with cloth diapers and have tried everything, I mean absolutely everything: you must try this newcomer. It stands head-to-head with their competition, Rockiní Green." Read the entire review at:

Alyssa J.Arizona

I agree that this is the best cloth diaper detergent around, but you MUST do the first time soak if you are trying Eco Sprout for the first time! It will pull out all the grime you didn't even know was in there! Made my diapers VERY soft and the best part is my son has sensitive skin and we had no issues with this detergent. Thanks so much!

Kelli K.Marshfield, WI

I am so happy I recieved this sample..I really didn't think my diapers were that 'dirty'. When my baby pee's there is always a strong ammonia smell. (we used to call it lion pee) But I must of just got used to the smell. I've tried baking soda and vinegar in attempt to make it as fresh smelling as possible and there wasn't alot of staining so I wasn't going to complain since I love cloth diapering. However, when I soaked them overnight (and actually into the rest of the morning)..I was amazed!! The water in the tub was SO foul smelling I could barely breath! Now my diapers are CLEAN and I can't tell the instant my baby pees in his diaper :)No ammonia or 'fishy' smell. I'm already telling all my friends about it!Thank you

Amanda OlsonQuad Cities

I absolutely LOVE Eco Sprout! I have been cding for 5yrs and have seriously tried everything on the market! Even the new one everyone is raving about ( rockin something, LOL ) and it was nothing compared to this! Customer service is awesome, the lavender chamomile smells awesome and it works! Thats the best part- it really works! Thanks so much Eco Sprout!

Annmarie B.Bloomington, IL

I washed diapers tonight for the first time since the initial Eco Sprout prep/soak and I didn't need a gas mask and the laundry room did not wreak of ammonia smell. I am SO pleased with the outcome. Thanks so much! I thought we would never be rid of that eye-watering ammonia smell. =)

Review from The Baby Birthing

"This is our new favorite detergent for our diapers. We have always had smell issues. Emmie especially has really smelly pee. It also makes life a little more difficult having to go to the laundry mat or hand wash to do our diaper loads. It seemed like I would have to wash our diapers at least twice to get all the smells out of them and even then sometimes that wasnít enough. With this detergent it is completely different! It is all we will be buying for our cloth diapers from now on. We have tried countless others and nothing does it like this stuff does."

Nicki from Niki's Cloth Diaper Reviews

" So, Eco Sprout is definitely the best detergent I have ever used. I have been bouncing between samples for 8 months now trying to find one that I liked. I am so happy that I am finally happy with a detergent and have to admit that this is the first detergent I have EVER bought a full size of! The only detergent that makes my diaper...s have no ammonia smell. Usually his overnight diaper is DISGUSTING to the point where I can't breath. Well, NO MORE!!!! I am so happy I found you! And the beautiful smell of the detergent!!! It makes me happy just to smell the bag! I'm not even joking! When I got my detergent today, I ripped open the bag and just smelled! I ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ this detergent and recommend it to everyone!

Heather from The Tree Huggin Momma ReviewIndiana

"I usually purchase unscented detergents since I have very sensitive skin; however, this detergent proved to smell great and not bother me at all! Even more importantly, it didn't bother Xavier's skin either, proving that all of the detergent really does rinse out of your clothes and diapers." Read the entire review at

Heather D.Bolingbrook, IL

"" I have been using Eco Sprout since we bought our cloth diapers. It takes the stink out great and we have had not issues. My daughter is a big wetter and I definately smell the diaper in the morning but after washing they smell nice and fresh. My daughter also has sensitive skin which is the reason we switched to cloth diapers. I have been using the regular detergent and have not had any issues at all. I love Eco Sprout and would definitely recommend it to everyone.

Sabrina P.Chicago, IL

I didn't think I could love anything as much as my RnG, but I love Eco Sprout MORE! It got out all the hard water stains I didn't even know where there! I'm HOOOOOOOOKED on Eco Sprout! My son was born 1/14 and I had forgotten until yesterday that I had my 2 year old's diapers in the diaper bin...OOPS...they were BAD, I mean BAD, and after a soak and a wash with my sample they not only don't smell ONE SINGLE BIT, the white fleece (BG pocket... and FB Pocket) looks whiter and brighter than it has since the pre-use wash! Thank You!!!!

Ariel NapierSouth Dakota

I tried this soap after reading a blog and the mama raved over this laundry detergent. My daughter was having issues and breaking out like crazy no matter what I did. My husband was ready to be done with cloth and go to disposables, so I decided what the heck if we go to sposies we will be spending a fortune every month so why not try it. I did the soak in the tub for 2 hrs in HOT water and then washed them (I have an HE). I prewash on cold then wash on HOT and we have NOT had a rash since we started using Eco Sprouts. I am forever hooked. Thanks to the mama who wrote the blog about your product, because my daughter has NOT had a rash even slightly since using your product....and I have used other "natural diaper soaps". THANK YOU for your wonderful product!!!


Thank you, thank you, thank you! I used RnG before and had a problem with ammonia smells. Since I started using Eco Sprout no more smells! Plus it's super sensitive for my perfect little babies cloth diapers and clothes.

Amanda Rockford, IL

I love Eco Sprout so much that I have started using it with all my laundry! My diapers never smell and the detergent itself smells AMAZING! I also have started using their bottom spray which is great as well. I recently changed to cloth wipes and their bottom spray is great for my son's sensitive bottom. This is one of my favorite baby finds yet!

Mallissa C.

Lets just put it this way, this not only cleans but it gets rid of the stink and no other products or steps needed. simple and awesome all in one.

Kellie H.

Bought a sample....was sold! Amazed by how clean our diapers are now!!! The stink is gone and so are the odd orange stains on the obf! Thank you!!

I will Wash ThemStanton, NE

" I am so glad Jessica at Top to Bottom Baby Botique suggested I try Eco Sprouts! I've had stain issues constantly with every single dirty diaper for the last 6 months. It's exhausting. Although I did still have a very small, very faint stain on one of the 5 dirty diapers in my last wash, I am COMPLETELY sold! I will be using your products for my personal as well as diaper service diapers! Woo Hoo!

Fluffy FashionsWendell, NC

" I didn't think I had a stink issue untill I tried this and WOW do my cloth diapers smell awesome!! gotta love this stuff!! It was an easy decision to add it to my web store!!

Devin P.Georgia

This is the only detergent we'll use!! Makes my diapers so clean and fresh!! Love this stuff and would definitley recommend it :)

Amanda E.Illinois

Totally beat our stink problem I love it for my diapers and all our bedding and towels to just leaves them smelling fresh and so soft.

Heather B.Pennsylvania

We only use cloth diaper friendly detergent and I tried it after reading the reviews even though I was happy with my prior detergent. Absolutely love Eco Sprout! Diapers are super clean. The detergent is non-sudsing so it is easy to rinse clean. Less staining on my diapers...they look super white and clean.

Aleasha C.Langley, BC

Eco sprout got rid of that nasty smell right away, now I use it on everything!

FrogsandSnailsMomLindsay, Ontario

LOVE the Bottom Balm+!!! It's the only thing I have found that is cloth diaper friendly and works! Check out what I think:


I have to say I was super skeptical at first, but THANK YOU, Eco Sprout! After doing an overnight soak and several hot washes, my diapers are ammonia-free. No burn-your-eyes-out smell in the mornings or when I dump the diapers into my washer! Amazing! Please don't change a thing! You rock.

Heidi D.Maryland

I am so overwhelmingly pleased with your product! It is fantastic it helped me finally get rid of our major ammonia problem. On top of that, our diapers are so soft now using your detergent, without thinking I keep calling it Eco SOFT!

Ami E.Chicago, IL

I just have to say... it was absolutely fantastic to have a very soaked microfiber liner only midly smell of pee. No more nauseating ammonia stink!!!! The hardest thing about Eco Sprout is having the sampler pack and trying to decide which scent to use! The shipping was amazingly quick. I am recommending you to everyone I know who uses cloth!

Jessica R.Monee, IL

I just picked up the Bottom Balm for my son's diaper rash & it works amazingly!! We bought it on Sat & started using it right away & the rash is pretty much gone. My little guy has sensitive skin so even a bit of moisture starts his bottom to get red but using the balm at every changing has helped SO much! Love this & love that I don't have to use a liner every time I use it like I would w/other diaper rash products! I also wanted to say that I love the diaper detergent! It's the only one I've used for our diapers (b/c the lady at Cutie Poops suggested that right away) but love how clean it gets the diapers & we haven't had to worry about smell! Keep up the great work!

Holly N. Wisconsin

This stuff works miracles!! I had ammonia problems and tried many products and nothing worked. I just bought EcoSprout and after 1 overnight soak my diapers are saved, they are bright white and squeaky clean.I wish i would have found this stuff a year ago when I first started CDing. Thanks Eco Sprout, we are hooked for life :)

Nicole C.Minneapolis, MN

I have tried multiple detergents for my cloth diapers. Rockin Green, Rockin Green Hard Rock, Country Save, Tide Original, All Free and Clear, Tiny Bubbles, you name it I've tried it. NONE of those detergents even hold a candle to Eco Sprout. My diapers have never been so fresh, so clean and so soft! Even the ammonia in my nighttime diapers is gone! I am a believer, and will use Eco Sprout for life.

Crystal M.NC

I was battling the microfiber stink with my diapers and nothing was working. I had tried everything from vinegar to bleach and was almost ready to give up. I gave Eco Sprout a try starting with an overnight soak in the tub and the stink was gone. I am so thankful for Eco Sprout for saving my diapers. With the detergent I was using, I had to use vinegar every time and I don't have to do that with Eco Sprout. It's amazing!

Alyssa G.

The best detergent I've tried yet!!! Thanks Eco Sprout!

Mama Kitty UnitedSan Clemente, CA

My cat was so jealous of the baby that she peed on the babies car-seat. We soaked the cover, headrest, visor and straps in eco-sprout and good as new. My husband now says your detergent is the best stuff on earth. LOL

Andrea S.

I am new to cloth and bought a few used that just didn't smell new anymore... 1 overnight soak in Eco Sprout and a couple washes they all smell brand new! I LOVE it, and it hasn't affected my son's smooth baby bottom either!! NOT TO MENTION... They support our military and offer a Military Discount!!!! ♥

Sara M.Keizer, Oregon

I came across Eco Sprout on a cloth diaper board when I was desperate to rid us of our ammonia stink, and it's lived up to everything I've read! I was dealing with burn your eyes ammonia with every diaper change and hold your breath when opening the diaper pail! Our pocket dipes were repelling and smelled awful...but with the first time soak we've had huge relief! Our son also has very sensitive skin, and we've never had a problem with Eco Sprout! No more stinkies, diaper pail is neutralized, no rashes, clean, bright, fluffier & softer inserts/pre-folds...thank you Eco Sprout!

Rebekah S.

I've tried the other guys and nothing compares to Eco Sprout! With my sons super sensitive fair skin Eco Sprout doesn't bother him at all. It made his diapers like new. Smelling brand new fresh! I've been telling all my cding friends about it. Great prices, great products, great service, what more could you ask for?! Thank you Eco Sprout!! You made a believer out of this household!

Kara MacPhersonOahu, HI

My eight month old had diarrhea yesterday. We went through twelve diapers during the day and they were all a mess, every one of them! I didn't have time last night to wash them, so I threw them in the machine this morning and did two rinses and then washed in Eco Sprout and they came out looking brand new! Not a single stain! Thank you for such a wonderful product!

Emily Cyr

So I just used eco sprout for the first time! i stripped all of my diapers as directed and i must say WOW! My diapers were smelling so bad and i tried everything! then a friend told me about yall and my diapers are so clean! Even my husband said how they smell like nothing(he openly said how he didnt think it would work, he has also openly stated that he was wrong!)! Thanks so much Eco Sprout!

Jess M

I just used Eco Sprout for the first time today! I stripped the diapers as directed and followed up with a wash. My diapers look and smell fantastic! I am extremely pleased at the ease of this product and it makes me feel great knowing it's a green product! Super speedy shipping too! Thanks Eco Sprout!

Asia M. Facebook Comment

So my husband must think I'm crazy because he walked in on my huffing the bag of eco sprout while I was doing laundry. It smells so good! Then he woke up and found me staring down my diapers in amazement. They are so SOFT! I'm in love.

Emily C.Facebook Comment

"So I just used eco sprout for the first time! i striped all of my diapers as directed and i must say WOW! My diapers were smelling so bad and i tried everything! then a friend told me about yall and my diapers are so clean! Even my husband said how they smell like nothing(he openly said how he didnt think it would work, he has also openly stated that he was wrong!)! Thanks so much Eco Sprout!"

Courtney M.Facebook Comment

Everyone should have the bottom spray, the breathe again pail refresher and the detergent! tripple threat combo :O)

Amy L.Facebook Comment

Just a compliment for you :) Did my initial soak on all my inserts this weekend and they came out super soft, bright, and smelling so clean! The test...this morning's pee smell AT ALL. Thanks so much, and I hope this keeps us stinky-free.

Emmily K.Facebook Comment

Got my Eco Sprout mail today! (Just in time, because I used the last of my sample packs yesterday.) I knew that I loved the detergent (no more ammonia burn!), but I am completely loving the Bottom Balm stick... smells great, glides on effortlessly, no more goopy fingers, and no "mystery" ingredients.

Rachel S.Facebook Comment

Both of my kiddos had a horrid rash for weeks and then I switched to Eco Sprout recently and within hours the rash is no longer there annnnddd my diapers haven't smelled this clean in a long long time."

Amanda HenningFt. Hood, TX

I love, love, love Ecosprout!! It works better than any other cloth detergent I have tried. I use it now on all my laundry. Also, shipping is super fast! I can't thank you enough! Ecosprout has saved my cloth diapers!

Johanna G.Hawaii

EcoSprout saved my diapers! After doing a long hard soak on my entire stash, we have no more stinkies. The best test of how well this stuff works isnt when the diapers dried, its when the diapers were soiled. My diapers no longer reeked of urine/ammonia when they were soiled. After using EcoSprout Soap for about 3 months, my diapers still smell great and are always at their whitest. Its really nice to find a soap that battles the stink and can hold up to my hard water!

Kara Oahu, Hawaii

My eight month old had diarrhea yesterday. We went through twelve diapers during the day and they were all a mess, every one of them! I didn't have time last night to wash them, so I threw them in the machine this morning and did two rinses and then washed in Eco Sprout and they came out looking brand new! Not a single stain! Thank you for such a wonderful product!

ChastityCalifornia, US

I've been cloth diapering for about a year now, and I've tried many different cloth safe detergents. I tried Eco Sprout and loved it, but when I ran out, I tried one of the well known brands. Biggest mistake ever! Now my diapers are a leaking, stinky mess! I totally learned my lesson. Only Eco Sprout for this family!

JenniferEast Rochester, OH

I purchased Eco Sprout after doing the laundry soap run around from moving to a house with well water with a softener from standard City water. In between my dance with detergent - one that worked for 6 months and then made my diapers smell swampy - my daughter ALSO developed an allergy to synthetics and we had to switch to natural fibers. I finally took the advice of a group of moms and bought Ecosprout. I am seriously pleased with how well the product is working and how easy it has been to make adjustments to my laundry routine after knowing that the detergent works but my water is insane. the first soak and washer per your directions had me smelling NOTHING in my prefolds for the first time in MONTHS. While I still remain a bit of skeptic becasue of past experiences, I am anxious to see how EcoSprout does in the long run. I have high hopes of a great long term review of this product!

Rachel SciorraNY

Love love this product. I have been cloth diapering for over a year and a half. I was using this big brand cloth diaper detergent and they recently changed their formula and my diapers were coming out with background stinkies and my kids bums were getting red and irritated. After trying everything I decided to switch. So, I tried EcoSprout and tada after trouble shooting with their great customer service my diapers were stink free and no more rashes :) Love it, thank you for a great product! don't change your formula ;)

NicoleNaperville, il

I LOVE Eco sprout detergent! We have been cloth diapering since our daughter was born 4 months ago, but used a different detergent. Well, our diapers started to smell swampy and look dingy! Our cloth diaper store recommended Eco spout, and it worked great! We also love the bottom balm (or as my father calls it BUTT BALM, and my daughter the BUTT BALM GIRL). No rashes since we started using it! Thank you for creating such great products!

Alyssa H.Kansas City, KS

I ran in desperate need of help to Happybotomus in Overland Park Kansas. We had a serious case of the stinkies and ammonia! I grabbed a more well known brand, but when I told the sweet lady working there what our problem was she told me, "no no, here try THIS! It is a miracle worker!". She handedm me a big ole' bag of Eco Sprout and on my way I went. I NEEDED this to work because I was so tired of fighting smells. I followed the directions step-by-step for first time users. When the diapers and inserts were done drying I reluctantly took a big wiff....OH MY GOSH! The stinkies were gone and that deserved a little happy dance. Last night I put my daughter in the diaper we were having ammonia issues with and this morning when she woke up there was NO ammonia. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! I love your product and will never look back.